Why Counselling?


Counselling can be a useful option for people wishing to make changes to their life. It can help address bereavement or difficulties such as; stress, depression, anxiety and relationship issues, as well as provide a forum to explore self-development. Management/coming to terms with a chronic condition can also be usefully addressed in this way.

Anyone can benefit from therapeutic counselling.

What kind of counselling do I do?

Therapeutic counselling is a confidential service that gives you the chance to see your life more clearly.

I use an integrative model of counselling; that means I use elements of all the main therapies according to each individual’s personal needs.

I work to provide a safe, supported environment, to identify and work on your needs in order for you to make better life choices, and achieve your goals effectively and responsibly.

What will happen during a session?

A session usually lasts around 50 minutes.

You can use the session to look at any aspect of your life.

The atmosphere will be non-judgemental and will give you the permission you need to see where you are, where you would like to be and what you will need to get there.