"........man goes to his long home"


This service is focused on a reflective appreciation of one's life and what it means, in a personal sense, to journey on past this life and into the next stage. This is often a subject that we avoid though it is valuable to to consider what (if anything) comes next? You may hold to a particular belief system or religion which gives you comfort; you may be spiritual but with no religious affiliation or you may believe you are simply your physical self. In each case you can benefit from reflection on what is, what is assumed, where you stand and what you need. (I take no religious stance.)

"........eternity in the human heart"

                  (Ecclesiastes 3)

Reflection may mean expression and exploration of fears, perhaps the unexpected discovery of hope. You may wish for reconciliation with those who were once close, or feel a need for making peace with yourself. This kind of 'tying of loose ends' and 'finishing business' can bring a sense of relief and calm, enhancing life however long or short this may be.

for those who feel their time may be short, practical needs may also be addressed and perhaps more easily voiced to someone who stands outside the circle of family and close friends, someone who can really hear what is being said.

 I will meet with you either at the Rowan therapy room, in your own home or in hospital, as appropriate to your needs.


“…..we can prepare ourselves for this final passage by allowing nature, rather than the ego, to guide us.”

(From ‘Still Here’ by Ram Dass.)


Managing pain through Mindfulness: this can be undertaken, not as an alternative to medication, but to assist with breakthrough pain.

Taking medicine mindfully can help you feel more involved in your treatment. Anecdotal evidence shows this to be very effective.

Addressing sleep issues is another area where I continue to develop my practice.